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ATX-Gx™ Platform

Royalty-free, best-in-class humanized transgenic mice discovery platform optimized for human antibody sequence developability and diversity, with a robust immune response comparable to wild-type mice.


License the world’s most popular humanized mice antibody discovery platform

Originally invented and validated inside a major pharma company then further developed by Alloy, our foundational suite of highly immunocompetent transgenic mice is engineered to drive the greatest potential diversity of unique human antibodies binding to your target of interest, with broad epitopic coverage. The antibodies produced exhibit high affinity, requiring little-to-no optimization.

Accessible Terms

Our simple, royalty-free licensing process makes this foundational technology accessible to drug discovery teams of all sizes, with the know-how needed to achieve the best results.

Continuous Innovation

Partners can access our expanding portfolio of transgenic strains designed to address a range of discovery challenges, with the additional option of bespoke strains custom-tailored to your project.

Rich Discovery Output

The platform exhibits healthy cellularity, human-like repertoire, and robust immune response upon immunization. Its proven, rich discovery output offers wide epitopic coverage and a diverse range of binding affinity—and has a track record of success in difficult targets.

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ATX-Gx Validation Data

Generating High-Quality Human Antibodies

The ATX-Gx humanized mice produce a robust immune response, with immune repertoires similar to wild-type (WT) animals and humans.

Serum Antibody Levels
Comparable to WT Mice
J-Gene Usage is Similar to Human Reference
CDR-H3 Distribution is Similar
to Human Repertoire

Diverse Antibody Output from the ATX-Gx platform

The ATX-Gx strain produced strong seroconversion levels by immunization with a recombinant protein target antigen.

ATX-GX Platform Produces Wild-Type Seroconversion Levels Resulting in a Highly Diverse Antibody Output

The ATX-Gx Platform Generates Rich Output of High-Affinity Binders

The ATX-Gx generates binders with a diverse range of affinity against different target antigens.

ATX-Gx Exhibits High Antibody Affinity Diversity

  • A proven strong track record of success in multiple target classes

  • Consistent generation of antibodies with single-digit nanomolar and subnanomolar affinities

Multiple Strains for Superior Output

10 Strains Designed to Address Distinct Antibody Discovery Challenges

The ATX-Gx has expanded into a suite of 10 strains to offer our discovery partners the right tools to solve distinct antibody discovery challenges. Connect with our team of experts to determine the right ATX-Gx strain to meet your therapeutic goals.

Connect with Our Team
Core ATX-Gx Platform
Available via Alloy Antibody Discovery Services

What can our suite of ATX-Gx strains do?

  • Improve immune response against a range of target antigens
  • Reduce immunodominance with non-overlapping VH germlines
  • Increase sequence and structural diversity of binders with Lambda light chains
  • Reduce central tolerance and broadening VDJ diversity
  • Enable FACS-based antibody discovery on both plasma and memory B cells
  • Enable efficient discovery human bispecific antibodies
  • Discover human VH for bispecifics and chimeric antigen receptors

Empower your antibody discovery with ATX-Gx

Get started with human antibody discovery in less than two weeks by licensing the ATX-Gx mice platform for use in your lab. Or, engage in a bespoke antibody discovery campaign with ATX-Gx platform experts through Alloy Antibody Discovery Services.

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