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Keyway TCR Discovery

The first fully integrated platforms and discovery services offering to unlock the therapeutic potential of T cell receptor (TCR) modalities. Combining world-class antibody expertise with the pioneering minds behind TCR therapeutics.

Unlocking the therapeutic potential of T cell receptor modalities

We envision a future in 20 years where soluble TCR modalities become as common of a treatment paradigm as antibodies are today. Keyway unites innovative minds in antibody discovery with the pioneering minds behind TCR therapeutics, to provide comprehensive, proprietary technology and capabilities for end-to-end discovery of TCR mimics (TCRms) and engineered TCRs.


Discover TCRms that drug pMHC complexes in a highly specific manner

TCRms are antibodies that have been developed to target peptides presented on the cell surface in the context of major histocompatibility complexes (pMHCs), opening up a wide range of intracellular targets, including novel cancer targets. Keyway‘s robust TCRm discovery services is an end-to-end solution from target idea to final panel of therapeutic leads. We start with high-quality pHLA generation for discovery and optimization and complete campaigns with in vitro and in silico specificity testing to reduce the off-target effects that can limit many TCRm therapeutics in the clinic.


Generation of high-quality
pMHC complexes

Proprietary protocols, workflows, know-how, technology, and materials for the consistent generation of high-quality pMHC complexes, giving you the high-quality antigens that are crucial for the generation of high-quality therapeutic leads.


Discovering a diverse array of highly specific, fully-human antibodies

Alloy’s full suite of in vivo, in vitro and in silico antibody discovery capabilities are tailored to identifying and optimizing a diverse set of antibodies that bind to a specific pMHC complex. This approach selects for non-specific binders to related pMHC complexes while also using Alloy’s AI/ML workflows to reduce genome-wide polyreactivity.


Performing appropriate specificity testing to select for the best therapeutic leads

We leverage pMHC phage and eukaryotic display libraries for specificity testing to address off-target non-specificity effects, to give you greater confidence that Keyway-generated therapeutic candidates are successful as they advance to clinical trials.


“TCR-based therapeutics offer great promise to improve immunotherapies. Keyway democratizes access to TCR discovery capabilities.”

Dongxing Zha, PhD, CTO of TCR Discovery & Engineering and CEO of Keyway TCR Discovery


Engineering and functional testing for the best outcome

Keyway offers additional TCRm engineering into your preferred output of choice and integrates closely with our Translational Medicine offering for in vivo and in vitro functional testing.

Bispecific Cell Engagers

Multiple proprietary T-cell engagers (including CD3 and CD28) and high-throughput bispecific generation and screening.

CAR-T Engineering

mRNA- and lentiviral-based vector system producing CAR-Ts and characterization.

Functional Testing

Translational Medicine gives early insights into the functional activity of candidates generated from Keyway TCR discovery projects.


TCR Discovery and Engineering Services

Our phage display for soluble TCRs workflow will leverage our proprietary optimized synthetic phage library designed to expand the sequence space beyond natural repertoire, followed by a transgenic humanized mouse in vivo discovery platform optimized for human TCR-based therapeutics.


Keyway TCR Discovery
News & Updates

Learn about our latest product updates, events, and TCR discovery collaborations.


Cantai Therapeutics is Co-Founded by Agent Capital and 82VS to Advance Next-Generation Bispecific Antibodies for Autoimmune Diseases

WALTHAM, Mass., November 20th, 2023 – Cantai Therapeutics (“Cantai”) today announced its formation and the completion of a seed financing co-led by Agent Capital and 82VS (the affiliated venture studio of Alloy Therapeutics) with additional participation from Tellus BioVentures. The proceeds will be used to develop drug candidates to treat autoimmune and inflammatory disorders by developing cytokine-targeting bispecific antibodies that meaningfully improve the status quo for the millions of patients suffering from immune-mediated and autoimmune diseases.

Agent conceived the idea for Cantai’s products and partnered with 82VS to further develop the concept. Agent’s strong track record in financing companies in the autoimmune space paired with 82VS’s company creation capabilities and deep bench of expert researchers is a perfect match to join forces to develop such therapies. As part of the financing, Alloy will perform services to advance Cantai programs using Alloy’s broad suite of human antibody discovery technologies, including the ATX-CLC (Common Light Chain) mouse platform for the discovery of bispecific antibody therapeutics.

Geeta Vemuri, Ph.D., M.B.A., Founder and Managing Partner of Agent Capital, will be the Board Chair. “We are thrilled to launch Cantai and to power it with the deep research capabilities at Alloy Therapeutics,” she noted. “It requires a team effort to drive meaningful drug development for patients who are suffering with high unmet diseases.”

Errik Anderson, M.B.A., General Partner at 82VS and Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Alloy, joins the Board of Directors. “Cantai is a great example of how our 82VS model allows us to build bespoke partnerships with top-tier investors like Agent Capital,” said Mr. Anderson. “We are excited to leverage Alloy’s high throughput antibody discovery engine to enable the capital efficient development of next-generation immune-modulating therapeutics for patients in need.”

About Agent Capital

Agent Capital is an international life sciences investment firm that supports disruptive healthcare companies focusing on novel, differentiated therapeutics and treatments that address unmet patient needs. Agent Capital aligns with scientists, entrepreneurs, and other investors to develop the next generation of healthcare innovations, leverages their industry expertise and successful track record to source premier deals, accelerate value, and drive successful exits. Their first fund invested in 15 portfolio companies, the majority of which have executed collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies and successfully raised additional capital in the private or public markets. For more information, visit

About 82VS

82VS is the affiliated venture studio of Alloy Therapeutics, empowering exceptional scientist-entrepreneurs building therapeutic drug companies leveraging Alloy’s platforms and services. 82VS supports teams from ideation through to company creation, discovery, financing, and scaling of their businesses. Aligned with the collaborative ecosystem ethos at Alloy, 82VS looks to partner and collaborate at every stage of the process including bringing in venture capital partners at the earliest stages of company creation.

About Alloy Bispecific Discovery Services

Alloy Therapeutics’ Bispecific Discovery Service aims to democratize access to enabling platform technologies, capabilities, and expertise necessary to discover novel, developable, and therapeutically functional bispecific antibodies. At the core of this offering, Alloy has created a Common Light Chain mouse, ATX-CLC, to build bispecifics with better manufacturability and developability profiles by solving heavy and light chain pairing challenges. Alloy has demonstrated that the ATX-CLC maintains unrestricted heavy chain diversity and immune response comparable with that of the ATX-Gx platform trusted by 150+ partners. The Common Light Chain bispecific platform is integrated with Alloy’s world-class expertise in protein engineering and rapid characterization and functional screening to prioritize and deliver bispecific lead candidates that can progress rapidly towards the clinic.


Mai Tanaka-Wakefield


Alloy Therapeutics and Wheeler Bio Announce Preferred Service Offering for Alloy Partners to Accelerate the Translation from Discovery to CMC

BOSTON, November 8th, 2023 – Alloy Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology ecosystem company and Wheeler Bio, Inc., an agile contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), announced today the formation of a non-exclusive, preferred service offering to drive translation from Discovery to CMC development and clinical material supply for ecosystem partners. The organizations are collaborating to provide a premiere service experience for Alloy partners requiring CMC development services from Wheeler as a high-quality, reliable CMC service provider for development and GMP manufacturing.

Alloy and Wheeler Bio are offering a premium service experience for existing and future ATX-Gx platform users and Alloy Discovery Service partners who also contract Portable CMC™ development services with Wheeler Bio. This fully integrated offering reflects Alloy’s creative approach to enabling a flexible Insight-to-IND™ service, connecting partnered antibody projects with Wheeler’s Portable CMC™ platform to provide a seamless pathway to high quality and affordable lead selection and CGMP material production.

Introducing Wheeler’s Phase™ offering, where partners of both Alloy and Wheeler will receive the following preferred services:

  • Dollar-for-dollar reductions in Alloy commercial milestones matching Wheeler Portable CMC™ services contracted for ‘Lead-to-Tox’ and ‘Lead-to-Clinic’ programs.
  • Free CMC consulting services to advise ecosystem partners on the translation from discovery to CMC development.
  • Zero charge CHO pool generation for up to 4 leads, for Alloy partners contracting Wheeler’s Lead-to-Tox or Lead-to-Clinic Portable CMC™ programs.
  • 50% reduction in initial payment for Alloy partners contracting Wheeler Lead-to-Clinic Portable CMC™ programs.
  • Zero reservation fee required to hold manufacturing slots for Alloy partners contracting Wheeler full Lead-to-Clinic Portable CMC programs.

“Following every great antibody and bispecific discovery process, CMC becomes the critical path to treating patients. We developed this preferred offering with Wheeler to support Alloy’s partners with the highest quality cell line development and GMP manufacturing process possible,” said Errik Anderson, CEO and Founder at Alloy Therapeutics. “Alloy is helping to lower the cost of drug development by reducing our partners’ downstream payments dollar-for-dollar on their path to the clinic. Wheeler’s high-quality, predictable, fit-for-purpose approach increases the probability of success and reduces the time to clinic for these drug programs. Sharing our economics to help align the ecosystem and accelerate the path of new therapies is a win-win for everyone: Our partners, Alloy, Wheeler, and most importantly, patients.”

Alloy is a leading provider of antibody discovery platforms and services with over 150 partners to date with a leading team that has collectively put hundreds of antibodies into the clinic. Alloy’s most popular platform, ATX-Gx, is a best-in-class transgenic mouse strain for fully human antibody discovery which has a proven track record of delivering robust immune response and antibody output with diverse affinity and epitopic coverage. On top of this industry leading humanized transgenic mouse platform Alloy has built a full stack of advanced antibody discovery services including advanced technologies for B-cell repertoire mining and sequencing, proprietary integration of AI/ML, as well as protein engineering and functional testing to rapidly move partners from target idea to validated lead candidate in as quickly as 6 months.

Wheeler Bio’s mission is to solve the translational challenges inherent in advancing from discovery to CMC development and clinical trial material supply. To solve these challenges, Wheeler has developed Portable CMC™ as an open-source process platform and workflow of pre-clinical and clinical development services based around discrete CMC milestones. The Portable CMC™ platform is designed to align with clients’ fund-raising milestones, providing a very flexible, affordable, and rapid path to clinical supply. With the implementation of its Portable CMC™ platform for antibodies, Wheeler Bio is helping emerging biopharma companies reduce manufacturing risks in parallel with drug discovery to enable them to progress smoothly and successfully into drug development and first-in-human studies.

Aligned with its open collaboration model, Alloy partners are still free to use any CDMO of their choice. The preferred service offering is designed to guarantee at least one high-quality CDMO partner for each Alloy partner. By bringing together the ecosystem benefits of Alloy’s world-class discovery engine, along with Wheeler’s reliable CMC services, the Wheeler Phase™ offering will rapidly traverse the translational gap between discovery and material supply to the clinic. This strategic partnership avoids time lost in selecting a CDMO partner and managing the transition of information to a CDMO that does not know the discovery history, thereby eliminating the CDMO selection process via implementation of a de-risked and proven manufacturing platform (Portable CMC). With implementation of the Phase™ offering, Wheeler Bio is cementing its unique strategy and commitment to linking discovery and CMC, which most service providers overlook in the path to clinic. This Wheeler CRO partnering model can also be applied more broadly with other discovery providers to further bridge the translational gap between discovery and CMC clinical delivery.

“By closely aligning Alloy’s discovery platform with Wheeler’s development and manufacturing platform, our ecosystem clients benefit immensely by skipping the CDMO RFP process while reducing risk in tech transfers,” said Jesse McCool, CEO and Co-Founder at Wheeler. “Our bioprocess models are in lockstep with ATX-Gx derived antibodies, so Wheeler services represent the best, most efficient use of CMC capital for Alloy partners.”

“We are elated to participate as an early adopter of the Alloy-Wheeler partnership to speed our path from discovery to CMC development and first patient dosing,” stated Hemanta Baruah, Co-Founder and CEO at Aakha Biologics. “Both Alloy and Wheeler are laser focused on meeting our needs as a small biotech start-up with specific goals to generate early data to further enable our fundraising efforts, while also providing a rapid path to the clinic.”

About Alloy
Alloy Therapeutics, Inc., is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. Through a community of partners across academia, biotech, and the largest biopharma, Alloy democratizes access to pre-competitive tools, technologies, services, and company creation capabilities that are foundational for discovering and developing therapeutic biologics across six modalities: antibodies, TCRs, genetic medicines, peptides, cell therapies, and drug delivery. Partners may access all current and future technologies through a discovery service relationship or for a flat annual fee through Alloy’s Innovation Subscriptions offering. As a reflection of Alloy’s relentless commitment to the scientific community, Alloy reinvests 100% of its revenue in innovation and access to innovation.

Join the Alloy Therapeutics community by visiting, following Alloy on LinkedIn, scheduling a 15-minute introductory call with our team at, or a 15-minute chat with Alloy’s Founder and CEO at

About Wheeler Bio
Wheeler Bio is a biomanufacturing pioneer, founded by a team of industry experts and strategic investors who believe a different CDMO model is needed to help innovators reach their clinical milestones faster. Wheeler’s novel hub-and-spoke operational model, centered in the biomanufacturing metro of Oklahoma City, and integrated with biotechs and discovery CROs, will revolutionize the speed of drug development. Wheeler Bio’s technology platform, Portable CMC™, simplifies the path between drug discovery and clinical manufacturing by providing a new bridge for translating discoveries to first-in-human trials. Innovators benefit from increased momentum during technology transfer, shorter timelines, reduced risk, and lower costs. Additional information can be obtained by visiting, or by following Wheeler Bio on LinkedIn.

For Further Information:
Alloy Therapeutics
Contact: Russell Beckerman

Wheeler Bio, Inc.
Contact: Jesse McCool


Alloy Therapeutics Announces Scientific Advisory Board to Drive Roadmap of Biotherapeutic Discovery Platform Innovation

Alloy Therapeutics Announces Scientific Advisory Board to Drive Roadmap of Biotherapeutic Discovery Platform Innovation.

BOSTON, Mass. – September 20, 2023 — Alloy Therapeutics, a biotechnology ecosystem company, announced the formation of its scientific advisory board (SAB) that includes a group of renowned experts in fields spanning immunology, protein engineering, T cell receptor (TCR) modalities, and more. Alloy’s SAB members have been instrumental in developing Alloy’s technical roadmap as the company has developed cutting edge technologies and services across antibodies, bispecifics, TCRs and TCR mimics, genetic medicines, cell therapies, peptides and drug delivery technologies.

“Alloy’s mission is to support our drug discovery partners by developing and providing broad access to innovative technologies and platforms. Innovation and focus on quality drive our highly collaborative and science-focused R&D team,” explained Alloy President and Head of Research Piotr Bobrowicz, PhD. “We are thankful to our SAB members for their partnership in guiding us in this process. Their valuable feedback continuously shapes our technical roadmap.”

The SAB’s collaboration with Alloy will inform new areas of platform development and innovation, as well as identify promising areas of disease biology that can benefit from Alloy’s established portfolio of platforms, services, and company creation capabilities. This esteemed group includes:

  • Matthew DeLisa, PhD, William L. Lewis Professor of Engineering and Director of the Institute of Biotechnology at Cornell University, whose expertise spans synthetic glycobiology, immunoengineering, protein engineering and vaccine development.
  • Sai Reddy, PhD, Associate Professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at ETH Zurich, and an expert in the use of high-throughput antibody repertoire sequencing and computational biology to understand the immune response. Dr. Reddy previously co-founded deepCDR Biologics, a deep learning antibody discovery platform acquired by Alloy in December 2021.
  • Darrell Irvine, PhD, Professor at the MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, and a leading researcher in the use of materials science and engineering tools to develop novel technologies for drug delivery, vaccine development, and cancer immunotherapies.
  • Christopher Love, PhD, Professor in Chemical Engineering at the MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, and an expert in single-cell sequencing, systems immunology, next-generation protein biopharmaceuticals, and alternative host strain engineering.
  • Jeff Molldrem, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Hematopoietic Biology and Malignancy at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center whose expertise spans TCRs, TCR mimics, and tumor immunology.
  • Randolph Noelle, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Dartmouth University, and a leading researcher in the areas of regulatory T cell biology, B cell memory and plasma cell development, immune tolerance, cancer vaccines, and translational immunotherapy.
  • Kai Toellner, PhD, Professor of Adaptive Immunology at the University of Birmingham, and an expert in B cell differentiation, germinal centers, and the regulation of affinity maturation and immunoglobulin class switching.
  • Andrew Sewell, PhD, Professor at the Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University, and a world-leading expert in T cell biology research focused on understanding how T cells recognize their targets and applying these insights to create novel immunotherapies.

Alloy’s scientific teams collaborate closely with SAB members across the technology roadmap. Jeff Molldrem, MD remarked, “Alloy’s leading technology for development of TCRs and TCR mimic antibodies, combined with the unique business model that affords clients and partners broad access to that technology, has made our collaboration with the Alloy team stand out as truly unique and rapidly productive.” Kai Toellner, PhD added, “The collaboration with Alloy led to the development of several mouse models that enabled us to study mechanisms of B cell differentiation, leading to the appearance of high affinity antibodies.”

Alloy continues to invest 100% of its revenue back into innovation as well as access to innovation and will leverage insights from SAB members to make thoughtful decisions regarding the next generation of biologics drug discovery platform innovations. Randolph Noelle, PhD commented: “The biotech/pharmaceutical industries are continuously evolving, and the integration of state-of-the-art technologies will drastically improve their ability to more efficiently produce safe and effective drugs. The breadth, depth and creativeness of the technologies that Alloy offers, together with the overwhelming expertise to implement these technologies provides unprecedented opportunities for the marketplace to produce better medicines. Never before has such a portfolio of opportunity been available.”

In addition to its SAB, Alloy announced earlier this year the formation of an independent, genetic medicines-focused scientific advisory board to support the development of its proprietary AntiClastic™ Antisense Oligonucleotide (AntiClastic ASO) platform.

About Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. Through a community of partners across academia, biotech, and the largest biopharma, Alloy democratizes access to pre-competitive tools, technologies, services, and company creation capabilities that are foundational for discovering and developing therapeutic biologics across six modalities: antibodies, TCRs, genetic medicines, peptides, cell therapies, and drug delivery. Partners may access all current and future technologies through a discovery service relationship or for a flat annual fee through Alloy’s Innovation Subscriptions offering. As a reflection of Alloy’s relentless commitment to the scientific community, Alloy reinvests 100% of its revenue in innovation and access to innovation.

Join the Alloy Therapeutics community by visiting, following Alloy on LinkedIn, scheduling a 15-minute introductory call with our team at, or a 15-minute chat with Alloy’s Founder and CEO at



Russell Beckerman

Read more press coverage of the collaboration:


Genetic medicine discovery platforms

Through our collaboration with leading antisense inventor Sudhir Agrawal, we are offering proprietary compounds that enable RNA-based therapeutics to avoid off-target effects of the past and actively engage the immune system for therapeutic effect. License these for use in your ASO discovery efforts to turn your RNA biology into viable therapeutic formats.

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We’ll work together to find you the best therapeutic TCRm to achieve your cancer immunotherapy pipeline goals.

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