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Keyway TCR Discovery

The first fully integrated platforms and discovery services offering to unlock the therapeutic potential of T cell receptor (TCR) modalities. Combining world-class antibody expertise with the pioneering minds behind TCR therapeutics.

Unlocking the therapeutic potential of T cell receptor modalities

We envision a future in 20 years where soluble TCR modalities become as common of a treatment paradigm as antibodies are today. Keyway unites innovative minds in antibody discovery with the pioneering minds behind TCR therapeutics, to provide comprehensive, proprietary technology and capabilities for end-to-end discovery of TCR mimics (TCRms) and engineered TCRs.


Discover TCRms that drug pMHC complexes in a highly specific manner

TCRms are antibodies that have been developed to target peptides presented on the cell surface in the context of major histocompatibility complexes (pMHCs), opening up a wide range of intracellular targets, including novel cancer targets. Keyway‘s robust TCRm discovery services is an end-to-end solution from target idea to final panel of therapeutic leads. We start with high-quality pHLA generation for discovery and optimization and complete campaigns with in vitro and in silico specificity testing to reduce the off-target effects that can limit many TCRm therapeutics in the clinic.


Generation of high-quality
pMHC complexes

Proprietary protocols, workflows, know-how, technology, and materials for the consistent generation of high-quality pMHC complexes, giving you the high-quality antigens that are crucial for the generation of high-quality therapeutic leads.


Discovering a diverse array of highly specific, fully-human antibodies

Alloy’s full suite of in vivo, in vitro and in silico antibody discovery capabilities are tailored to identifying and optimizing a diverse set of antibodies that bind to a specific pMHC complex. This approach selects for non-specific binders to related pMHC complexes while also using Alloy’s AI/ML workflows to reduce genome-wide polyreactivity.


Performing appropriate specificity testing to select for the best therapeutic leads

We leverage pMHC phage and eukaryotic display libraries for specificity testing to address off-target non-specificity effects, to give you greater confidence that Keyway-generated therapeutic candidates are successful as they advance to clinical trials.


“TCR-based therapeutics offer great promise to improve immunotherapies. Keyway democratizes access to TCR discovery capabilities.”

Dongxing Zha, PhD, CTO of TCR Discovery & Engineering and CEO of Keyway TCR Discovery


Engineering and functional testing for the best outcome

Keyway offers additional TCRm engineering into your preferred output of choice and integrates closely with our Translational Medicine offering for in vivo and in vitro functional testing.

Bispecific Cell Engagers

Multiple proprietary T-cell engagers (including CD3 and CD28) and high-throughput bispecific generation and screening.

CAR-T Engineering

mRNA- and lentiviral-based vector system producing CAR-Ts and characterization.

Functional Testing

Translational Medicine gives early insights into the functional activity of candidates generated from Keyway TCR discovery projects.


TCR Discovery and Engineering Services

Our phage display for soluble TCRs workflow will leverage our proprietary optimized synthetic phage library designed to expand the sequence space beyond natural repertoire, followed by a transgenic humanized mouse in vivo discovery platform optimized for human TCR-based therapeutics.


Keyway TCR Discovery
News & Updates

Learn about our latest product updates, events, and TCR discovery collaborations.


Genetic medicine discovery platforms

Through our collaboration with leading antisense inventor Sudhir Agrawal, we are offering proprietary compounds that enable RNA-based therapeutics to avoid off-target effects of the past and actively engage the immune system for therapeutic effect. License these for use in your ASO discovery efforts to turn your RNA biology into viable therapeutic formats.

Discuss licenses

Are you an
academic lab?

We offer these licenses at preferred terms to spur your innovation efforts


Start your TCRm campaign

We’ll work together to find you the best therapeutic TCRm to achieve your cancer immunotherapy pipeline goals.

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