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Alloy Therapeutics Unveils 2023 Innovation Roadmap Across Antibodies, TCRs, Bispecifics, and Genetic Medicines

Alloy’s growing services portfolio reflects its commitment to empowering global scientific community with access to broad, foundational biologics discovery capabilities —


BOSTON, MA; January 9, 2023—Alloy Therapeutics, a biotechnology ecosystem company, announced its 2023 roadmap of new discovery technologies and services across a range of biologic modalities. Alloy will support its community of 140+ partners with deepened capabilities in its core antibodies offering, as well as substantial expansion into new modalities such as genetic medicines, leveraging an existing partnership announced with Dr. Sudhir Agrawal, a pioneer of gapmer antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) technology.

Alloy launched in 2017 with a mission to centralize and democratize foundational technologies and expertise for biologics discovery to enable the global scientific community to advance the best, most innovative medicines more quickly. It started with the ATX-Gx™ transgenic humanized mouse platform for monoclonal antibody discovery and rapidly built antibody and bispecific discovery services around that foundational technology, along with novel protocols to serve collaborators with bespoke campaigns to discover the best therapeutic antibodies. Alloy reinvests 100% of its revenue into innovation and access to innovation, a commitment that enables the organization to continuously improve upon and develop new technologies to support its partners’ ambitious drug discovery goals.

In 2022, Alloy advanced into its second modality for T cell receptor-based (TCR-based) therapeutics, with the launch of Keyway™ TCR Discovery. Keyway is the first, and only, fully integrated discovery service provider and proprietary platform to discover therapeutic soluble proteins binding peptide-MHC complexes. Keyway is already collaborating in the discovery of highly specific TCR-mimic antibodies, and in 2023 will expand its end-to-end discovery offering to include soluble TCRs (alpha and beta chains). Keyway pairs TCR therapeutic pioneers with Alloy’s flagship bispecific antibody discovery and optimization services for the discovery of highly specific, next-generation soluble TCR-based therapeutics. Alloy’s ability to amalgamate shared capabilities such as antigen generation, bioinformatics, library design, protein engineering, antibody discovery, specialized specificity testing, and protein analytics across modalities enables it to quickly mobilize its scientists and collaborators into new areas for an expansive 2023 innovation roadmap.

“Our 2023 service and technology innovations are a reflection of years of thoughtful R&D work to give the drug discovery community access to the technologies and expertise that allow them to efficiently advance innovative therapeutics,” said Alloy Therapeutics CEO and Founder Errik Anderson. “For some companies, ‘access’ to innovation is best served through working with our discovery services team in a collaborative and highly engaged process. Alloy is eager to serve our collaborators with bespoke discovery campaigns that allow them to discover the best drug against their therapeutic target, regardless of format.”

2023 Innovations will span Alloy’s modalities:

  • Antibodies: Alloy’s foundational modality will advance new hyperimmune strains for its ATX-Gx monoclonal antibody discovery platform, available for license in partners’ labs or available as an end-to-end service as part of Alloy’s DeepImmune™ Antibody Discovery and Daedamab™ Antibody Discovery services. These groups will continue to strengthen their mission to find the best therapeutic antibodies with new capabilities such as machine learning-aided repertoire sequencing and protein optimization.
  • Bispecific Antibodies: Alloy will launch ATX-CLC™, a new suite of transgenic common light chain mice to enhance the discovery of bispecifics, which will be integrated into bespoke discovery campaigns through DeepImmune Discovery at Alloy, as well as available for license.
  • Cell Therapy: Extending Alloy’s services in CAR-T generation, Alloy will launch the ATX-SiD™ transgenic humanized mouse for the discovery of single domain antibodies to enable development of bispecifics and chimeric antigen receptors. New discovery services supporting engineering into final CAR-T constructs as well as in vitro and in vivo functional screening will launch in 2023.
  • Keyway TCR Discovery: Keyway TCRm encompasses proprietary antibody-like bispecific formats for simultaneous effector cell engagement and target engagement and will launch new industry-leading specificity screening workflows to improve the safety profiles and drive the success of TCR-mimics in clinical trials.
  • Genetic Medicines: Alloy will launch Genetic Medicines Discovery services as its third fully integrated discovery services organization, leveraging proprietary platforms and world-class, modality-specific expertise. Through the collaboration with Dr. Agrawal, Alloy has developed proprietary technologies and oligonucleotide formats with differentiated properties compared to existing formats. Genetic Medicines will first partner with collaborators to convert existing gapmer antisense leads into these new formats for augmented activity and then launch its end-to-end de novo development of ASOs. This modality will also span immunostimulatory and immunosuppressive oligos, enabling collaborators to access unique sequences as proprietary adjuvant and autoimmunity drugs.
  • 82VS: Alloy’s affiliated venture studio, 82VS, will be launching new companies advancing medicines discovered from the breadth of Alloy platforms and services. These startups are the first to validate and iterate on Alloy’s novel platform innovations and serve as great examples of what is possible for collaborators who would like to work with Alloy Discovery Services. In 2023, 82VS will launch new companies from stealth spanning TCR-mimics, bispecific antibodies, novel monoclonal antibodies, and genetic medicines.

“We are grateful to our partners who trust us with their biggest drug discovery challenges and provide the insights that lead to these technology advances,” said Alloy Therapeutics President and Chief Scientific Officer Piotr Bobrowicz. “This type of collaboration is the reason Alloy started and will continue to drive the invention of foundational technologies to support sophisticated discovery campaigns across modalities to the benefit of the entire industry. We encourage drug discovery teams everywhere to look to Alloy as a partner to advance the technologies they need to be successful, through Alloy Research Services collaborations that can launch the discovery innovations of tomorrow.”

About Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. Through a community of partners across academia, biotech, and the largest biopharma, Alloy democratizes access to pre-competitive tools, technologies, services, and company creation capabilities that are foundational for discovering and developing therapeutic biologics across six modalities: antibodies, TCRs, genetic medicines, peptides, cell therapies, and drug delivery. Partners may access all current and future technologies through a discovery service relationship or for a flat annual fee through Alloy’s Innovation Subscriptions offering. As a reflection of Alloy’s relentless commitment to the scientific community, Alloy reinvests 100% of its revenue in innovation and access to innovation.

Join the Alloy Therapeutics community by visiting, following Alloy on LinkedIn, scheduling a 15-minute introductory call with our team at, or a 15-minute chat with Alloy’s Founder and CEO at


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